Alan Stivell
Human Kelt


Tri martolod ( new' ) - Clip



About 50 years now that I sing Tri martolod, and here is the first clip!
I am happy with this new collaboration with Francisca Lehner for its realization.
I, of course, also thank the producers of the live videos used:

- Gérard Pont and Morgane Production, for the capture Vieilles Charrues 2000; Gérard had participated directly in the wave Again and we also have an excerpt at the Casino de Paris 1994;
- Together with Universal for excerpts from the 2012 Olympia;
- Hervé Carvalhosa and Visual for the views of the St Patrick 2015 tour;
- The bagad of Lann-bihoué, co-star of this tour;
- Nicolas Gonidec and the Interceltic Festival of Lorient for 2016 and 2018
And also :
- The authors of the photos included in the clip
- And, once again, all those who accompanied, on the scenes of Brittany and Australia, my pleasure to share this joy with a public conquered by these few notes of a Breton inheritance, treasure of the humanity which deserved to be valued and renamed.
Not to mention the fishermen of Guilvinec or elsewhere!