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Den II


   DEN II (Simply Human)
( Feat. Bob Geldof )

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Remembering to be a human person is, for me, the first thing.
Everyone does not share this feeling. This is the problem or the impasse.

It is the monosyllable DEN, transcending genres, that we have (bretons, like all Celts) to say something as essential as the Human.

The new titles opening the album (apart from the preface-audio) are available in two versions.
After a DEN I (to discover with the disc) turned towards Africa (Fatoumata Diawara), DEN II (Simply Human) is in English.
I am influenced by the English-speaking world. And, moreover, it is artificially that Brittany is not more so.

Here the honor of being in duet with Bob Geldof, the cantor of solidarities against hunger.

Human has two meanings in French; I wanted to express them both.
One can unfortunately be human without being human: Mankind and Humanity.
An ideal implies all the others: to try oneself to be human every day.
The claim of the human, to a superiority over the animal, would be supposed to be a challenge to be more. But what is there like other problem on Earth, in fact ??

I am not far from concluding. And I think going to the point is going there. To make each one a little effort is the life of all humanity which is improving. Very easy neither for me nor for others.



DEN II [ Simply Human ]

Lyrics and music Alan Stivell / copyright Keltia III


In Humankind,
No one commands other minds
‘Cause, in Humankind,
No killing of any kind

We human beings,
Sisters and brothers

Cause, we human beings,..
May be simply an answer…