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[ Emadvesk / Self-Remix] (Feat. Bob Geldof)

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In introduction to a new version of Brezhoneg 'raok, as I touch almost the same instruments as the electro scenes (since it was possible), I had fun with a self-remix that would not disown neither JM Jarre nor C2C. Since the end of the 70s, it was for me electro keys, light or less light. This time, I think we are really there. In my way anyway.

I concluded with three words from Bob Geldof in recording session.




(self-remix / Emadvesk)
Alan Stivell/ Alan Stivell


Tud en Argoad
Tud an Arvor

(Les gens
Ceux-celles d’Argoat *
Ceux-celles d’Armor *
Les gens)

*Breton.nes des terres
* de la côte